Tel Aviv, Walls and Clouds


Some random last snaps from Israel – this time from Netanya and Tel Aviv.

Lovely bonfire/BBQ at Ricki’s place:

I learnt some Yemen dancing :D

I dislike cats but honestly, how cute is this:

Netanya Market:

She started arguing with me about me taking a picture of her (above) but I told her I was more interested in the market.  She then wanted her picture taken!

Largest knickers I ever seen.  It puts Bridget Jones to shame.

Went to the beach with some amazing sandwiches from the above place. Tuna, peppers, tomatoes and some spicy stuff – it’s some kind of Tunisian mix. Very yum.

Something was up with the camera hence dodgy focus.  Anyway, focus got fixed and Ricki took over while I frolicked in the sand.

I don’t get to run on sand often especially in this kind of heat and scenery, so yeah, I kind of made the most of it :P

Me with the plastic camera, and yes, I really was that red after an hour. I think my shoulders suffered for 2 weeks, but it was worth it!

Some scans of the pics from the disposable waterproof camera (£8 buy one get one free from Boots!):

I like the colours – and this is without any editing at all.

Some snaps I took at the Dead Sea:

En route to Tel Aviv!

Eyal + Goldstar

We had Goldstar on the roof of Eyal’s place and watched all the dressed-up people spilling out of the club below.  It seemed like an unappealing crowd – I was happy to be up on the roof!

I don’t know why I love capturing graffiti so much.  I guess it’s such a universal thing.. I can’t imagine any city without it.

Very cool old school camera shop:

I had a conversation with the lady who was selling this:

She told me she loves the London Underground and that’s why she made that, and she was honoured to meet someone from London. Maybe she was trying to get me to buy it. Or maybe she was just being nice : )

I really liked this Lego/olive pic:

Tel Aviv was hot.  Quite a bit more hot than Netanya which is only 20 minutes away by train.  Walking around in the sunshine takes it toll (especially with already burnt backs), so we went to Rotem’s place and chilled for a bit:

Back at Ricki’s place.. my last morning!

Shalmi – the most arrogant yet adorable cat I know : )

Turkish coffee (mmm!), cake, and nargila for the last time : (

Bye bye Israel..

OK, so airport food is usually barely edible, but I was impressed with the backlava for dessert!

Clouds fascinate me.  I always have to sit by the window so I can stare at the view in awe.  Not many people I know seem interested in looking out of plane windows, which I don’t really get.  Unless you fly every week, it’s surely not possible to get bored of seeing the planet from a completely different perspective.


You can see the faint trail of another plane in the distance. Boring? Not to me!

Hello London:

I only got back last month, yet it feels like years ago.  I don’t remember half of the things I wanted to say about this part of the world, but then, I guess this is a photoblog, so the pictures can speak for themselves. You can read my previous posts if you want more of a descriptive account.

Thanks for looking


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