Bienvenido a Miami

Miami, Florida – July 2012

I spent a week in the beautiful, sunny shores of Miami

Espanola Way:

Spain had just won Euro 2012.  Interesting fact – around 65% of Miami’s population are native Spanish speakers.

Miami is a haven for tiny dogs – they’re everywhere.  This was a petstore called Les Petits Puppies.

Too cute.

When in Rome.. McDonald’s for breakfast!  The McGriddle, which we don’t get in the UK.  Deceptively filling:

In case you’re wondering what a McGriddle is made up of – egg, cheese, sausage, sandwiched between pancakes filled with syrup..

South Beach (also known as Miami Beach)

It’s no myth that American portions are HUGE.  How and why one person needs so much food is beyond me.

Nikon, taken with a Canon:

Miami has got to have the highest percentage of modified cars in one place – it’s like being in a hip hop video.  I even saw a car bouncing up and down as it went down the street. I thought that only happened on TV!

Dubstep originates from my home town in London, so this t-shirt got me excited.  Shame he hadn’t heard of any of the pioneers such as Skream and Benga!

Early morning on South Beach

Unfortunately the serenity is somewhat ‘ruined’ by the air adverts flying past continuously, yet they add to the hugely commercial and materialistic atmosphere (not necessarily a bad thing).

The range of tanning oils is neverending.  Some of these have an SPF of 4.. how that is meant to add any protection in the Miami sun..!

The famous Ocean Drive on July 4th

On July 4th, a random woman saying “Happy July 4th!” to people hears me talk and says “you’re from Britain! Do you celebrate July 4th over there?”.

Guy next to her: “Of course they don’t.  We’re celebrating getting away from Britain”

Woman: “Really?! I didn’t know that! Do you at least have fireworks? I know someone from the UK.  Actually, he’s from somewhere near the UK.. Africa or something?”.

Thought I’d share that dialogue.

In the UK, we have Oreos – just one type.  In the US, you have this. Cool Mint, Strawberry, ‘Creamsicle’ (not nice), Peanut Butter (amazing), Triple Double, Double Stuf, Birthday Cake, Reduced Fat (seriously?), Cakesters, Heads – Tails, Ice Cream, Cremes.. the list goes on.

This graffiti was in a part of town called Wynwood – famous for its murals.

I love these kind of murals – not commonly seen in the UK to this degree.

They asked someone to take a photo of them, so I took one too – very friendly bunch. (Hello Mercedes!)

London could do with a bit of Miami heat right now.

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