A Summer Gone Too Fast

I had a roll of film developed that had been in my camera for the last 3 months.

Kodacolor 200 film – Nikon F3 – 50mm f1.8

A reminder of summer.. and England’s somewhat dire performance in the World Cup.

A snapshot of classy Croydon:

Surely the world’s busiest shop aka Primani aka Primark on Oxford Street, taken from a bus:

I cannot go into this place without instantly feeling claustrophobic.

Queen. The world’s friendliest pit-bull.

East London

No – I haven’t seen Banksy although I’ve seen a lot of wannabes ; )

Spitalfields in East London always has something going on, whether it’s quirky markets, or musicians performing, or in this case, people dancing to a jazz band.

A great way to spam for free – simply write it across the wall:

BBBBand.. I checked out their myspace page and their music isn’t as bad as their graffiti, but that doesn’t mean it’s great either.


He took this shot of me, in all my photographic glory:

The most incredibly random jumble sale:

You get given a plastic bag and you can fill it up with as many items for a tenner!

Switching back to the easy, auto comfort of digital!

Brick Lane – definitely the most featured street on this site.  I should create a new category for it!

Someone clearly doesn’t appreciate dubstep pioneer Skream (who is fab I’d like to point out, if you’re into that kind of music):

Superman/boy reappears!

The moose head is a nice touch:

A great piece as usual by Jef Aerosol:

I don’t know why,  but I like the focusing on this:

A part of East London I had never seen before:

It was pretty much a derelict area surrounded by housing estates – literally the kind of place you’d see on documentaries about run-down parts of the city.

Jim had fun with the random pile of tyres we stumbled across under a bridge.  It’d be a great location for a shoot – if anyone ever discovered it!

East London really is random.

A kid who started shouting at us for some reason..

.. so I took his picture, as one does.  As we started to walk away more of them appeared and began shouting so we decided to walk a bit faster and leave as quick as possible! It’s quite sad when you end up fearing a bunch of 10 year olds.

More of East London to follow on another roll of film, which will hopefully take less than 3 months to complete : )

On a completely different topic – my book on India is almost finished! Quick ‘preview’:

I didn’t realise shortlisting my own images would be such a difficult task. Watch this space for more details..

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