When I looked out of the window early this morning I thought it looked brighter than usual – that’s because it had snowed! More significantly, the snow had actually settled! We don’t really get much snow in London – when we do it quickly turns to grey mush, so people tend to get excited when there’s actually “real” snow. You know, the kind you can make footprints in

I took these as I walked to the station to go to work – all using 50mm f1.8 ISO 1600. It was still dark hence the grain.

Found these little snowmen at the station. Someone actually sacrificed a fag for it – very impressive.

Some guys were taking pictures of themselves in the snow, and saw me take the above shot. They came over to it after I moved away and added eyes.

Too bad I messed up the focus. Focusing with the 50mm manually is a challenge for some reason. Well, it doesn’t help that the lighting wasn’t great.
One of them posed with a snowman as his friend took pictures of him. The 35mm would have come in useful here ¬__¬

Quite a few people were taking pictures – it was amusing. Snow’s becoming a rare sight around here – that’s global warming for you.

The snow melted within an hour or two. By the time I got in to work it was all slush. As expected, trains were completely screwed up – all because of two inches of snow. I love public transport!

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