India Chapter 5: Shooting From The Inside

I love shooting from windows. It’s just so much ‘safer’ knowing your subjects can’t really do much about it ;) In Mumbai I shot a fair amount in this way. Here are just some of the pictures.

A girl peering into the window in the rain..

She was looking in while it was pouring. Click on the shot for a more in-depth description. I rolled down the window and gave her some money, as I did with all children who came to the car begging. (Colour version)

These people were taking shelter in the road when it had suddenly begun to rain

I’m not sure why I liked this next shot – it must be the pink brolly ¬__¬

I loved this sign which was outside a church

I think these guys were a bit baffled as to why I was taking pictures from the car. Indian drivers are rubbish by the way, and this proves it – they’re not taught to keep their eye on the road!

I noticed these kids cleaning car windows

I have no idea how the girl noticed me – I was sitting in the back seat and was quite far away. It amazes me how these children can be walking amongst cars in the awful Mumbai traffic. I’m far too scared to cross busy roads there – it really is quite a hazard! People drive like maniacs and there are no zebra crossings – in fact there are no places for people to cross. Pedestrians are not really catered for.

These two looked so happy :)

I spotted a she-male parading the streets ¬__¬

He spotted me back and came over

Not exactly shooting through a window but from the inside of a rickshaw. The sun was setting at this time and although it’s probably not very noticeable, the sky was a lovely red

Us inside the rickshaw :D

The rickshaw guy must have noticed us snapping away mindlessly and he actually took us to a completely different place :( When I didn’t recognise the surroundings we asked him to drop us off and it was pitch black by this time and we didn’t have a clue where we were :| He also ripped us off but we were pretty lucky to get away safely! We found out later that he had actually driven us in completely the opposite direction to where we had told him we had wanted to go.. dodginess.

Jesus is quite popular in Mumbai

We drove past this man slumped outside a cemetery in the’s funny how people walk past such people without raising an eyebrow or paying attention to them

The 6th shot from the top was cropped, but the rest aren’t. I’ve been trying to shoot without having to crop later, and I’m doing pretty well! Now all I have to do is work on the camera settings :P

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