India Chapter 2: In Flight

London to Mumbai – Sept ’06

For me the best part of flying is being able to sit by the window and look at the view. I was lucky enough to have my seat upgraded, which meant I had 3 windows all to myself :D

Clouds can be lovely

and dramatic

Lovely clouds

Frosty windows..

Frosty window

Sunsets are beautiful, but even more so from the air I think.

Air sunset

I love how the sunset reflects off the wing above, and below, off the clouds.

Mumbai to London – Oct ’06

Flying back to London wasn’t as visually exciting. In fact, it was somewhat depressing! When landing, the plane flew through never-ending layers of cloud until finally land could be seen, among the smog and rain..just about.

Can you spot the Gherkin building?


This journal is dedicated to James, because I know he lovesss plane views so much haha ;)

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