A Sunday in Brick Lane

Brick Lane is definitely becoming one of my favourite places.

Where else can you find a shop solely selling ukelele’s? Called Duke of Uke, It’s the only shop in the UK dedicated to the instrument.

I went along to the Art Car Boot Fair which featured some interesting, if not quirky, art for sale.

This artist was charging £2 for a 2 hour portrait – what a bargain! I’ve always wanted this done.. maybe next time.

This cute thing was part of the Disabled Avant-Garde stall

Brick Lane generally has some unusual things in its Sunday markets, including these funky bags from

So true.. you can’t protest on Facebook – get out in the streets you lazy people!

This musician was just brilliant.. very skillful finger-tapping, just like this boy. How can someone this young be so good?! Amazing.

This band were also very good.. I love the diversity of this area, not just in terms of people but the music, clothing and general atmosphere.

Speaking of diversity, here’s a snapshot of things for sale in the street:

Talk about random.


Whoever would wear this is slightly sad in my opinion. I mean, everyone knows those two statements relate to all guys!

One for the street sign series:

Ironic in a Muslim-dominated area.

I only noticed the sad face in the background when I’d uploaded this shot:

Stumbled across this in the Shoreditch area:

I’ve never seen live graffiti being done like this – even at the Cans Festival

Very cool.

I’ve walked past these Tube trains often and always wondered what exactly is up there. Someone was nice enough to let us go up and see for ourselves.

There isn’t really a great deal there right now, but for a few days in the year, it’s open to the public.

Hm.. comparing Blair to Hitler is just a tad OTT now isn’t it!

All this guy needs is the glasses..

The above two pieces are by Mike Marcus, who creates some very interesting work.

That’s all for now. Roll on summer!

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